1. G

    [Solved] "Code too large" error on Android (

    Hey, I’m working on my app, which includes some career tests. The first version is nearly ready for testing, but I get an error message when I try to release on Android (HTML5 works). It says that the code is too large: The code is now about 5000 lines long (I’d say 3.000 to 4.000 without...
  2. Cristiano

    Internal storage

    Hi, guys. The thing is: I'm doing an android game and I want to load the levels files from the internal storage. Where should I put those files before creating the APK file so my game can read them? I've already used gamename.internal, but doesn't work.. They are simple text files and I'm using...
  3. P

    external file path?

    I want read file in red circle. I tried "cerberus://external/a.txt" but wrong. Where is the right path?
  4. AutmnLeaf

    Showcase Little Math Game

    Hello, This project was originally made in Monkey2, but for some reason the game didn't start on some Android devices, if the game used sound. Now the game is completely rewritten in Cerberus X with sound. :) Here's a bit blurry video of the game: Play Store link. When you have completed...
  5. MikeHart

    Trans V20190221 - Install releasebuild and start the apk (Windows only)

    Hi folks, here is a experimental version of Trans for Windows that automatically installs a release build on Android. Please report any findings. Cheers Michael
  6. Rich

    Google Play Game Services

    Hi Im releasing v1.0.1 of my Module for Google Game Services. ==EDIT== V2 has been released If you are interested on how I built it, I've written up a blog post here Module can be downloaded from here...
  7. MikeHart

    How to install and set the Android NDK path?

    Hi folks, I know that CX doesn't have support for the Android NDK right now. But I tried a lot so far and can't get rid of the missing NDK message when you compile for Android. I have set the path to the Adnroid SDK. I have set the path to the NDK bundle inside the appdata/local path. Same...
  8. Rob Hewitt

    Showcase Swapped Arts WIP vid

    Hi, So I'm still getting my Android game Swapped Arts (and also Chases of Death) written. Here's how Swapped Arts is looking so far. Showing mode "Swapping Tiles (to gap" where every piece on the board can be swapped with the space but not with each other. no audio on the vid, but the game...
  9. olive

    Showcase Pyxis -- anti-breakout (Google Play)

    I just put together my first mobile app! I made it during a game jam in 2014 and always thought it might do well on mobile. The time was finally nigh. Pyxis [ Free on Google Play ] Try to keep the black orbs down for as long as possible while allowing the blue ones ("hope") to escape. Of...
  10. Rich

    Access to camera photos - Android only

    Hi After a lot of tidying up, Ive put my module onto Github Currently its only for Android. enjoy The module will compile for all targets but not do anything Rich
  11. Rich

    Showcase Jigsaw Gallery Photo

    Jigsaw GP - jigsaw creation tool from your phones camera gallery. Only on Android Enjoy. Comments welcome.
  12. Holzchopf

    [solved] SaveState() crashes App

    When I use SaveState() my App crashes. After a while, the message "APPNAMEHERE isn't responding. Do you want to close it? <Wait> <OK>" appears. Fun thing is: the state is saved correctly anyway. And can be loaded without any trouble. Does anyone know what could cause this? Or how to debug such...
  13. Rich

    Showcase Ace High Solitaire - Android

    Hi Heres my first conversion from Monkey to CerberusX Its contains 9 solitaire games and I plan to script more later. The main engine is written with the CerberusX language, but they are some specific Android modules Ive...
  14. M

    Showcase Pet Cannon for Android (Monkey-X)

    Hello! Here is my first "officially - released" game. It was developed in Monkey-X with Mojo1 Link:
  15. RonTek

    Re: AndroidGame.Java

    Hey guys, I just would like to confirm that the works just fine and the issue seems to be when using the blitz-research transcc binary version. Rebuilding transcc from source did the job! :)
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