1. Fasasoftware

    Fixed Mac Os X Bug! Cerberus V2020-05-09 Trans V2020-05-09 QT V5.9.2

    Hi, i'm trying to work with cerberus x , the last version.....The software works for half... i launch an example, but nothing works here....the compiler says to me...: "/Applications/Cerberus/bin/transcc_macos" -target= -config=Release -run...
  2. nullterm

    itch.io HTML5 target sometimes loses keyboard input

    I noticed when I uploaded my game, if I interact with another HTML element like a button on the page the game itself loses keyboard inputs and it can’t get it back. I had a notification at the top of the itch.io game page that I clicked and the game didn’t work anymore. Didn’t work till I hit...
  3. MikeHart

    Fixed DebugLog and DebugStop work are processed in Release mode

    Both debugging commands, DebugLog and DebugStop, are processed in Release mode too, while the later command doesn't fill the debugging panel in the IDE and just hangs the app. Imho both commands should not effect release mode execution.
  4. MikeHart

    Fixed MakeDocs created wrong NewLine statements in compiled docs

    Somehow, with the last update, Makedocs faults at creating new lines when compiling docs. I have to look into this. The fix is online. See this post: https://www.cerberus-x.com/community/threads/makedocs-created-wrong-newline-statements-in-compiled-docs.230/#post-2042
  5. MikeHart

    How do you do a bug report or post a suggestion?

    Hi folks, like in any software, Cerberus X has bugs or you want to suggest a new feature. To post these, you can use the bug forum, the suggestions forum or post in the Issues section on our Github repository. When you post a bug, please be as specifc and detailed as possible. If you post...
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