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  1. MikeHart

    News Cerberus X v2020-12-05 released

    Hi folks, due to a retina bug in CX, especially using mojo2, here is a quick update for you guys. You can download it from here: https://whiteskygames.itch.io/cerberus-x/devlog/201850/cerberus-x-v2020-12-05-released These are the notes from the change log: ***** v2020-12-05 ***** FIX...
  2. MikeHart

    News Cerberus X v2020-11-15 released

    Hi folks, time for a new release of Cerberus X! Like always, some fixes, some new stuff, new modules, etc. Again, a huge thank you to all who were involved in this version. You can download it from here...
  3. MikeHart

    How to contribute to Cerberus X

    I thought I had posted this before but better again. If you want to contribute to the official distribution of Cerberus X like many have in the past, you do that by making a PR on our GitHub repository. To avoid frustration because your stuff might not be included for whatever reason, please...
  4. MikeHart

    News Roadmap - Future development of Cerberus X

    Hi folks, as you might have seen, I have decided that our code editor Ted has reached the end of its development. Adding to that, the Apple targets need some work as apps who use OpenGL(ES) might not run on OSX/IOS much longer. I predict that OSX 10.15 and IOS13 will be the last releases that...
  5. MikeHart

    News Cerberus X v2019-10-13 released

    Hi folks, again a new release of Cerberus X. Some fixes, modifications, some new stuff. Again, a big thank you to all who were involved in this version. As always, download it from here: https://whiteskygames.itch.io/cerberus-x/devlog/104403/cerberus-x-v2019-10-13-released These are the...
  6. johnblood

    Bug TED: Cerberus X crashes because of issue with OpenGL

    Hi, I installed Cerberus X on my Windows 7 laptop but got an error about needing OpenGL 2.0 or higher to. display the help information; I did some research and discovered that my graphics chips (Intel HD 3000) does not support OpenGL 2+. On top of that, Intel will not be publishing any newer...
  7. MikeHart

    News Cerberus X v2019-05-05 released

    Hi folks, here is again a new release of Cerberus X. Some fixes, some new stuff, new modules, etc etc. https://krautapps.itch.io/cerberus-x Again, a big thank you to all who were involved in this version. And bear with me, this is my first Linux distribution. So I hope it works for you...
  8. MikeHart

    Tutorial Tutorial videos by Smalltime Outlaws

    Even that these videos are pretty dated (from 2013), they are still valid when you want to learn about how to create a game in Cerberus X (aka Monkey X). Don't get confused about the IDE you see there, it was called Monk which was replaced by TED some time ago. Go and check them out here...
  9. MikeHart

    Cerberus X Logo and Icon files

    Here are the pngs and svgs of the logos and the icon used for CX.
  10. MikeHart

    DevLog Hades

    Hi folks, Hades???? HADES!!! He was the ruler of the underworld, Cerberus was his hound, his watch dog. TED is coming of age, its underlying C++ code would need major work to keep it up to date. Personally I am not a big fan of C++, having a love and more hate relationship with it. So in the...
  11. MikeHart

    News Cerberus X v2018-12-30 released!

    Hi folks, here is again a new release of Cerberus X. https://krautapps.itch.io/cerberus-x/devlog/61902/cerberus-x-v2018-12-30-released The biggest changes this time are the refactoring of the MakeDocs tool and also the overwork of the documentation by Olivier Stucker. Then our user Dawlane...
  12. MikeHart

    News Cerberus X v2018-08-10 released

    Hi folks, here is the newest release of Cerberus X. https://krautapps.itch.io/cerberus-x/devlog/44227/cerberus-x-v2018-08-10-released The biggest changes are the OSX and IOS part for the AGK target and the newest Gradle tools for the Android platform. These are the notes from the change...
  13. MikeHart

    Fixed Cerberus X v2018-05-24 for Linux released!

    Our user @dawlane has created a Linux version of CX for you! Thanks to him, we have all dev platforms covered again!!! https://krautapps.itch.io/cerberus-x/devlog/35343/cerberus-x-v2018-05-24-for-linux-released
  14. MikeHart

    News Cerberus X v2018-04-21 released

    Hi folks, here is another release for you guys. The biggest addition is the AppGameKit Desktop Windows target. Thanks again to the ones that have contributed to the release! Here is the list of all changes: MOD: [brl.json] Enhanced the json module and its documentation (Author: Holzchopf)...
  15. MikeHart

    News No OSX and Linux builds for a while

    Hi folks, we tried to build an OSX version for you guys but we only got reports back that it isn't compatible with High Sierra or there are permission problems. As a matter of fact, Martin and I have no hardware right now that HS compatible. So we haven taken down the OSX 2018-03-02 version...
  16. MikeHart

    News Our GitHub repository is now a regular one, not a fork anymore

    Hi folks, as you were not able to search through our repository at GitHub (because it was a forked one), we have requested to unfork it and now it is a regular repository with all its bells and whistles. :) Cheers Michael
  17. MikeHart

    Download stats of Cerberus X

    The current download stats of Cerberus X by June 16th, 2022... Date Windows OSX Linux Total 2017-04-04 35 35 - 35 combined 2017-04-14 41 41 - 41 combined 2017-07-19 19 7 - 26 2017-07-21 38 9 13 60 2017-07-31 355 69 55 479 2017-10-24 374 97 136 607 2018-03-02 154 - - 154...
  18. MikeHart

    News Cerberus X v2018-03-02 released

    Hi folks, after a period of time which felt way to long, the next released of Cerberus x is available. A huge huge thank you to all who have contributed. My work on TED is not finished but we have enough material for a full release now. Hopefully you will like it! You can download it here...
  19. MikeHart

    DevLog Michael's dev log

    Hi folks, like Martin, I was a little bit busy too. Not as much as him but still busy. :-) As you have seen already, we have a logo for Cerberus X. Once the name decided on, my mind switched into design mode. I wanted it to be simple regarding its shape, but somehow reassembling the name. Of...
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