1. Fasasoftware

    Fixed Mac Os X Bug! Cerberus V2020-05-09 Trans V2020-05-09 QT V5.9.2

    Hi, i'm trying to work with cerberus x , the last version.....The software works for half... i launch an example, but nothing works here....the compiler says to me...: "/Applications/Cerberus/bin/transcc_macos" -target= -config=Release -run...
  2. M

    How to contribute to Cerberus X

    I thought I had posted this before but better again. If you want to contribute to the official distribution of Cerberus X like many have in the past, you do that by making a PR on our GitHub repository. To avoid frustration because your stuff might not be included for whatever reason, please...
  3. TheMrCerebro

    Showcase INVADERSbit - Aliens and pixels

    Hi all!!! INVADERSbit is the classic Space Invaders but with my style of play and very simplified graphics. It is full of effects based on pixels, music and sounds that will accompany the player who has the courage to overcome the highest score!!! Good luck!!! LINK...
  4. TheMrCerebro

    Showcase SOKObit - The creative sokoban

    Hi all. This game is the typical sokoban but with a personal touch. You control an alien and you have to place all the boxes that are on the level above the buttons to go to the next level. It consists of 20 levels that, although small, are complicated. It is difficult but not...
  5. M

    OSX Mojave and Cerberus X

    Hi folks, I noticed some comments in the net, which indicate that Apple has dropped OpenGL in OSX Mojave. After I had updated my machine and prior to updating to XCode 10, an initial mojo1 test ran succesfully. But I still need to upgrade to Xcode 10 and test mojo1/mojo2. My gut feeling tells...
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