1. K

    Change resolution set

    I'm a little stuck, I want to change the resolution to match that on my monitor (1920x1080). I was wondering if this is possible in Cerberus? and if so how.
  2. Raexyl

    GLFW3 Building Problems

    Hey, I initially had the same problem from the other thread on GLFW3, but I now have another one. On building, the console shows: TRANS cerberus compiler V2017-10-24 Parsing... Semanting... Translating... Building... 'make' is not recognized as an internal or external command, TRANS...
  3. olive

    Bug "File too big" in debug mode

    I'm porting over my rather-large project from Monkey to Cerberus, and getting a new error when I compile for glfw in debug mode: (truncated for clarity & emphasis mine) Compiles in html5 fine, and release-mode for glfw. I'm on windows. Any thoughts?
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