1. MikeHart

    DevLog Hades

    Hi folks, Hades???? HADES!!! He was the ruler of the underworld, Cerberus was his hound, his watch dog. TED is coming of age, its underlying C++ code would need major work to keep it up to date. Personally I am not a big fan of C++, having a love and more hate relationship with it. So in the...
  2. MikeHart

    DevLog Team DevLog MikeHart - Update 2022/03/28

    Hi folks, here is a short update of what I am doing right now. A new editor Besides Paul59 pointing us to some quirks that need to be adressed, Dawlane warned me that our current C++ based code will run into problems with later releases of QT. We would need to fix all that with great efforts...
  3. MikeHart

    News User devlogs! Cause we want to read about your projects!

    Hi folks, I made a separate forum section for your devlogs or worklogs if you want to. It would be cool if you could write about your projects, post screenshots, etc. Have fun!
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