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    DevLog Hades

    Hi folks, Hades???? HADES!!! He was the ruler of the underworld, Cerberus was his hound, his watch dog. TED is coming of age, its underlying C++ code would need major work to keep it up to date. Personally I am not a big fan of C++, having a love and more hate relationship with it. So in the...
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    DevLog Team DevLog MikeHart - Update 2022/03/28

    Hi folks, here is a short update of what I am doing right now. A new editor Besides Paul59 pointing us to some quirks that need to be adressed, Dawlane warned me that our current C++ based code will run into problems with later releases of QT. We would need to fix all that with great efforts...
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    News User devlogs! Cause we want to read about your projects!

    Hi folks, I made a separate forum section for your devlogs or worklogs if you want to. It would be cool if you could write about your projects, post screenshots, etc. Have fun!
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