1. Holzchopf

    Are there existing rules for creating good modules?

    The Modules section in the docs explain how they work. But it doesn't very well cover the topic how a good module is documented. I mean, I could look how it's done with other modules. That way I would probably only learn about how a module works fine even if the code to comments ratio is approx...
  2. M

    What tutorials would you like to see?

    As I plan on creating some new tutorials when I tackle the documentation, I would like to hear, if you need any specific tutorials and/or topics covered.
  3. M

    DevLog Michael's dev log

    Hi folks, like Martin, I was a little bit busy too. Not as much as him but still busy. :-) As you have seen already, we have a logo for Cerberus X. Once the name decided on, my mind switched into design mode. I wanted it to be simple regarding its shape, but somehow reassembling the name. Of...
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