1. MikeHart

    News Xenforo update to 2.2.1

    I just finished updating the forum software to the newest version of XenForo. @Martin generously extended the Xenforo license for us, so a big thank you to him. The front page looks a little out of line, so I will spend the next time to fix this. If you find something else not working right...
  2. MikeHart

    European Copyright Reform

    Yesterday the european parlament voted for a new copyright reform. Within 2 yrs each country has to turn this into a national law. It will have effect on all kinds of things. How it will effect our forum is uncertain atm. What are your thoughts about it?
  3. MikeHart

    News Some adjustments to this site

    Hi folks, beginning of today I will make some adjustments to this site. For an example, some forum categories won't be visible to people who are not logged in. Then I will install a portal page which will display promoted threads as featured or articles/news/tutorials. I will try to get rid...
  4. MikeHart

    News Forum software update

    Hi folks, before i head to bed i just want to let you know that tommorow i will update the forum software to Xenforo2. Martin said that it is ok to use it further, so i would be silly to look for a different forum. Sadly this forum style is not compatible with XF2 so i will use a different one...
  5. MikeHart

    Forum/Site shutdown reagarding GDPR/DSGVO

    From 25th of May 2018 on in Europe, there is the DSGVO law that requires everyone who stores personal data of its users on their website to by compliant to this law. Means protect any personal information. IP adress, mail adress, etc. I just looked into this and to me it looks like this place...
  6. MikeHart

    What's your favorite forum software?

    Hi folks, just wanted to get some opinions from you. What is your favorite forum software and why?
  7. MikeHart

    Forum behaviour rules!

    Hi folks, because of some recent postings, I think some simple guide lines and thoughts about this place and our efforts should be mentioned. I know 99.5% of you guys are awesome and appreciate what we do. For the others... when you post, please keep this in mind! Stay civil in your post...
  8. MikeHart

    [HowTo] Usage of CODE tag in forum posts

    Some where wondering, how to use the CODE tag inside your posts, when you want to display source code. To get an overview of the BBcode tags available, have a look at the help page first: You can reach it via the menu or through the link on...
  9. MikeHart

    News Forum dark theme and syntax highlighting

    Hi folks, as we know that some of you prefer a dark theme for a forum, you can set this now inside your account preferences. Set it to xenFracture and the whole site turns dark. Once the whole site is more beautified, we will make this theme the default one. Also implemented in the forum...
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