1. AutmnLeaf

    Showcase Little Math Game

    Hello, This project was originally made in Monkey2, but for some reason the game didn't start on some Android devices, if the game used sound. Now the game is completely rewritten in Cerberus X with sound. :) Here's a bit blurry video of the game: Play Store link. When you have completed...
  2. A

    Showcase Rally 8080

    Here's small retro-style ascii-art game I created with Cerberus.
  3. M

    Showcase Neon Command 2

    Neon Command 2 is an arcade shooter, inspired by one of the all time classics. It feature physics and in higher levels a frantic urge to survive. How far can you hold on? You can play it here:
  4. AutmnLeaf

    Showcase HTML5 game: Defense III

    Defend the energy center from the UFOs. 5 levels + ending. Defense III by AutmnLeaf posted Jun 5, 2018 at 7:25 AM Direct link to play. There was a bug in Embed Code plugin version 2.3.1. It's fixed in version 2.3.2, but something prevents me to get my HTML5 games embedded on WordPress page...
  5. Rob Hewitt

    Showcase Swapped Arts WIP vid

    Hi, So I'm still getting my Android game Swapped Arts (and also Chases of Death) written. Here's how Swapped Arts is looking so far. Showing mode "Swapping Tiles (to gap" where every piece on the board can be swapped with the space but not with each other. no audio on the vid, but the game...
  6. AutmnLeaf

    Showcase Memorable Melodies

    My first Android game, Memorable Melodies, is on Google Play. I got the game finished recently. Made with Monkey X and Cerberus X. Video of the game: The game is free (no ads). The short old school like (C64) synth tunes are made by me. :) Google Play link...
  7. M

    Showcase Pet Cannon for Android (Monkey-X)

    Hello! Here is my first "officially - released" game. It was developed in Monkey-X with Mojo1 Link:
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