1. Taiphoz

    cerb & Jungle?

    not been too active had tons on my plate.. What do I need to do to get Jungle working with cerb ? I cant get an update for it my licence ran out is there some patch or something I can edit to make it work ?
  2. nerobot

    Jentos.Code IDE

    Hi guys! Jentos.Code is an improved version of Ted. Now it supports Cerberus! :) Github: Homepage: (read about features here) You can build it from sources with Qt 5.3 or later. Latest pre-compiled Windows version is here...
  3. MikeHart

    Mollusk supports Cerberus X now

    I just saw in the change log of Mollusk, that a new version was released and it has now support for Cerberus X.
  4. MikeHart

    IDE - What are you missing?

    Hi folks, Martin and I think that we either need to replace Ted with a more powerful IDE or enhance it. I know some of you guys love Jungle but like MX, it looks like development has stopped and its creator doesn't respond to emails. So I would like to know what exactly do you need. Please...
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