1. M

    Regarding the development of MetalAngle

    Hi @Phil7 , I just stumbled upon this and I thought this might interest you. The dev of MetalAngle joined Google to work on Angle and it sounds like MetalAngle is dead in the water. Could be interesting for your current company you work for as well...
  2. ddabrahim

    Is Metal support coming to Cerberus?

    Hi. So I got a Mac finally and I`ve been playing with SpriteKit for a few weeks or so and while I do like Swift and SpriteKit do have some neat features, I don't actually like this node and actions system in SpriteKit because it is turn the code in to a spaghetti very quickly as forcing you to...
  3. bosh77

    Save files in iOS

    Hello, I'm creating a game that saves large files (30 MB for example). In the iOS version there is a way to save these files, is there any code example? Thanks.
  4. aleana

    iOS Virtual Keyboard issue

    Hi. I'm finally at a point in development when iOS's virtual keyboard is needed to progress any further. I call it with EnableKeyboard(), and it does actually show up... for a split second. Then it seems to get overlapped by my game's screen. Can anybody help me out here? This is killing me...
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