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    News Cerberus X v2019-10-13b for Linux released

    Hi folks, here is a little update for our Linux user. It contains 3 things: Requesters now work in Linux (minus filters, will work on that.) Added the missing stb_image_write include Recompiled TED so the new options dialog shows up For 1. and 2., have a look into the modules_ext/SaveImage...
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    Linux - how to create an executable?

    Hi folks, getting my feet wet in Linux Mint so I can create a distribution myself. So far I am able to compile and run any app within Cerberus X on Linux Mint. The problem I have is.... I can not start the apps on their own via a double click in the desktop "finder aka explorer". The file type...
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    Fixed Cerberus X v2018-05-24 for Linux released!

    Our user @dawlane has created a Linux version of CX for you! Thanks to him, we have all dev platforms covered again!!!
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    News No OSX and Linux builds for a while

    Hi folks, we tried to build an OSX version for you guys but we only got reports back that it isn't compatible with High Sierra or there are permission problems. As a matter of fact, Martin and I have no hardware right now that HS compatible. So we haven taken down the OSX 2018-03-02 version...
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    How to set up a VM for Cerberus X running on Linux?

    Hey folks, looks like I have/want to dive into the wonderful world of Linux. Yeah :D I have a low end PC running Windows 7 Home 64 bit. I don't have much drive space left on this machine, about 30 GB to spare. My second machine which is a 2009 Imac running Sierra on it. Besides having a little...
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