1. M

    Regarding the development of MetalAngle

    Hi @Phil7 , I just stumbled upon this and I thought this might interest you. The dev of MetalAngle joined Google to work on Angle and it sounds like MetalAngle is dead in the water. Could be interesting for your current company you work for as well...
  2. olive

    Showcase Pyxis -- anti-breakout (Google Play)

    I just put together my first mobile app! I made it during a game jam in 2014 and always thought it might do well on mobile. The time was finally nigh. Pyxis [ Free on Google Play ] Try to keep the black orbs down for as long as possible while allowing the blue ones ("hope") to escape. Of...
  3. M

    Ads placement - Which method creates more revenue?

    My question goes to the ones who have free apps in the Google Play or Apple App Store. What do you think is better regarding making money? Displaying a constant banner during the game play or displaying fullscreen (intertial) ads at the beginning of a level?
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