1. MikeHart

    DevLog Something 3D

    Learning OpenGL ES and especially 3D matrix transformations is fun.... NOT! Not sure where this leads too, but anyway...
  2. MikeHart

    SaveImage module (mojo2)

    This little module will let you save the content of a canvas to either a PNG, JPG or BMP file. A little test programm is basically self explaining. About its usage. The relevant part is this: Import saveImage '... Local file := RequestFile("Save file....", "Image Files:png,jpg,bmp;All...
  3. Rich

    Showcase GUI class

    While working on my Font Editor, I realised I need a tidy GUI. So Ive started working on this. demo here
  4. Rich

    DevLog Google Play Realtime Multiplayer wrapper

    For the past few evenings Ive been looking into this. So far, its going quite well I have completed the following: Join a quick game. Currently this is fixed to 2 players. It should be able to support 8 players. Send unreliable messages between the 2 android devices. Some of these messages are...
  5. Holzchopf

    Are there existing rules for creating good modules?

    The Modules section in the docs explain how they work. But it doesn't very well cover the topic how a good module is documented. I mean, I could look how it's done with other modules. That way I would probably only learn about how a module works fine even if the code to comments ratio is approx...
  6. przemek

    Time module

    Hello, I am trying to write a game but i need to use time in it. Could anyone help me out? Its for the school project.
  7. MikeHart

    Do you use a framework and if yes, which one?

    Hi folks, in my opinion, the feature set of CX lacks typical game related stuff. Things that were taken care of by numerous frameworks in the past. Personally I have created 2, one for mojo1, one for mojo2. Sprites, collision detection, particles, layers, etc.! As we think that CX maybe could...
  8. MikeHart

    fantomCX- A game framework for Cerberus X (mojo2)

    Hi folks, this is my game framework called fantomCX. It is using mojo2. To download it, go to its GitHub release page here: It ships will numberous examples and a good sized documentation. Here is a quick feature list: Various objects like...
  9. MikeHart

    fantomX - A game framework for Cerberus X (mojo2)

    Hello this is my game framework called fantomX. It is using mojo2, so you can only use it with Cerberus X targets that mojo2 supports. To download it, go to its GitHub release page here: It ships will numberous examples and a good sized...
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