1. J

    Nintendo Switch Target

    Hi there, I just wanted to let you guys know that I have created a Monkey/Cerberus-X Target for Nintendo Switch. It works with Mojo and Mojo2 and I it has been already used to publish various games for Nintendo Switch. Due to an NDA with Nintendo I'm not allowed to publish the source code...
  2. Holzchopf

    holzchopf.mojo2maskshaders - Image masking made easy

    This module provides three shaders that can be used to mask images in different ways: AlphaMaskShader A shader that can be used to mask images depending on their pixels alpha values. The threshold value is set via SetAlpha. RedMaskShader A shader that can be used to mask images with a...
  3. Holzchopf

    Shader blends misteriously

    I want to write a shader in mojo2 that draws a fragment when it's alpha value is above a certain threshold. In BlitzMax, I've done something similar once with the offset coming from the vertex alpha... Anyhow, I've come to a point where I have to admit that I have a frustrating problem: When I...
  4. olive

    Snippet Mojo2 multiple canvases w/ transparent backgrounds

    Quick example of how to layer multiple canvases in mojo2 without having big opaque rectangles on each one. You can have a whole bunch of layers per canvas + do fancy stuff with coordinating their positioning, scale, etc., but this is the simplest case I could make to demonstrate the process. If...
  5. olive

    Mojo2 GIF loader

    Heya, I went and ported the GIF loader (originally by CopperCircle) to mojo2: I haven't tested it extensively, so can't guarantee it's gonna work in all cases. (mojo 1 version:
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