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    The ARM move of Apple and its effect on CX

    Today I was reading up on the processor architecture change of Apple, from Intel towards ARM. It make complete sense to me on why they do it. But what consequences will that have for CX? It looks like I need at least a mac that can build ARM binaries. That might be possible with an INTEL machine...
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    OSX Mojave QuickFix

    Hi folks, for now I got the OSX GLFW3 target fixed for OSX Mojave and Xcode 10. It isn't Apples preferred solution but should do the job fine for now. Please unzip the content of the attached file into your targets folder
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    OSX Mojave and Cerberus X

    Hi folks, I noticed some comments in the net, which indicate that Apple has dropped OpenGL in OSX Mojave. After I had updated my machine and prior to updating to XCode 10, an initial mojo1 test ran succesfully. But I still need to upgrade to Xcode 10 and test mojo1/mojo2. My gut feeling tells...
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    News No OSX and Linux builds for a while

    Hi folks, we tried to build an OSX version for you guys but we only got reports back that it isn't compatible with High Sierra or there are permission problems. As a matter of fact, Martin and I have no hardware right now that HS compatible. So we haven taken down the OSX 2018-03-02 version...
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