1. olive

    Showcase Pyxis -- anti-breakout (Google Play)

    I just put together my first mobile app! I made it during a game jam in 2014 and always thought it might do well on mobile. The time was finally nigh. Pyxis [ Free on Google Play ] Try to keep the black orbs down for as long as possible while allowing the blue ones ("hope") to escape. Of...
  2. M

    Showcase Pet Cannon for Android (Monkey-X)

    Hello! Here is my first "officially - released" game. It was developed in Monkey-X with Mojo1 Link:
  3. APC

    Showcase PacMonkey2

    Hello Mark, I would like to showcase my PacMonkey2 game. Here is the link It was developed in Monkey X /Mojo2 and runs fine on Cerberusv2017-07-31. It is almost done and will be released soon.
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