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    News Cerberus X v2019-10-13b for Linux released

    Hi folks, here is a little update for our Linux user. It contains 3 things: Requesters now work in Linux (minus filters, will work on that.) Added the missing stb_image_write include Recompiled TED so the new options dialog shows up For 1. and 2., have a look into the modules_ext/SaveImage...
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    News Roadmap - Future development of Cerberus X

    Hi folks, as you might have seen, I have decided that our code editor Ted has reached the end of its development. Adding to that, the Apple targets need some work as apps who use OpenGL(ES) might not run on OSX/IOS much longer. I predict that OSX 10.15 and IOS13 will be the last releases that...
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    News Cerberus X v2018-12-30 released!

    Hi folks, here is again a new release of Cerberus X. https://krautapps.itch.io/cerberus-x/devlog/61902/cerberus-x-v2018-12-30-released The biggest changes this time are the refactoring of the MakeDocs tool and also the overwork of the documentation by Olivier Stucker. Then our user Dawlane...
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    TED Preview 20180407 (Windows only)

    Hi folks, attached is the current development version of TED. Here are the changes done to it since its last official release: The biggest changes since the last preview are the highlighting and autocapitalization of the API... and when you press F1 on an API word, TED will try to...
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    TED Preview 20180310 (Windows only)

    Hi folks, here is another preview of the current TED development. Here are the changes: 1# Performance fix for big files caused by a silly mistake regarding the icons in the code tree 2# Highlight matching brackets 3# Highlight all words matching word under cursor 4# Toggle fullscreen...
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    TED Preview 20180226 (Windows only)

    Hi folks, I have commited my current changes for TED to the Github and have attached a preview to this topic. Sorry that it is Windows only right now. Please backup your bin/Ted.exe file and copy the content of the zip file into the bin folder. You can set the options inside the usual...
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    IDE - What are you missing?

    Hi folks, Martin and I think that we either need to replace Ted with a more powerful IDE or enhance it. I know some of you guys love Jungle but like MX, it looks like development has stopped and its creator doesn't respond to emails. So I would like to know what exactly do you need. Please...
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