1. MikeHart

    Trans V20190221 - Install releasebuild and start the apk (Windows only)

    Hi folks, here is a experimental version of Trans for Windows that automatically installs a release build on Android. Please report any findings. Cheers Michael
  2. RonTek

    Re: AndroidGame.Java

    Hey guys, I just would like to confirm that the works just fine and the issue seems to be when using the blitz-research transcc binary version. Rebuilding transcc from source did the job! :)
  3. RonTek

    RebuildAll error on Windows

    Hi, I see that the BlitzMax version is the only option to build the rebuildall program but failing to build transcc.. Building rebuildall Executing:rebuildall.exe Rebuildall: rebuilding transcc... ..\bin\transcc_winnt.exe -target=C++_Tool -clean -config=release...
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