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    Tutorial 2D in 3D rendering (mojo2)

    Hi folks, as @SimonVD asked about if 2D in 3D is possible in CX, I gave it a try in mojo2. With the help of some math stuff borrowed from miniB3D and Vortex2, you can set the ModelMatrix in a way that you can use the 3 dimensions. Of course you need to tell mojo2 render in a perspective view...
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    Tutorial How to use Realtime.Co for a turn-based multiplayer game

    As @zxretrosoft wanted to add a multiplayer mode to his game, the Realtime module of @Martin came to my mind. In a turn-based game, this message based service is perfect for turn-based games where you don't need send data back an forth as fast as possible. At the time of writing this tutorial...
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    Tutorial How to use ABSTRACT with class methods

    Hi folks, recently someone asked if Cerberus X has function pointers. He wanted to avoid having lengthy if statements. As we all know CX doesn't have them. But it has Abstract methods and the ability to extend a class from a base class. So here is an example that illustrates this method. In...
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    Snippet Calculate the pitch rate for a sound

    If you need to calculate the pitch rate of a sound, you can use this function: 'Calculates the pitchrate for the amount of given halfsteps. The default base note is 'A4' Function _GetPitchRate:Float(halfStep:Float, base:Float=1.0) Local pr:Float = Pow(1.0594630943592953,halfStep) * base...
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    What tutorials would you like to see?

    As I plan on creating some new tutorials when I tackle the documentation, I would like to hear, if you need any specific tutorials and/or topics covered.
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