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Implemented Add DrawImageRect() to mojo2


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Jan 2, 2020
Mojo1 has one command that is extremely flexible and that is
DrawImageRect : Int ( image:Image, x:Float, y:Float, srcX:Int, srcY:Int, srcWidth:Int, srcHeight:Int, rotation:Float, scaleX:Float, scaleY:Float, frame:Int=0 ) Draws a sub-rectangle of an image at coordinates x, y, offset by the image's handle.

Mojo2 has DrawRect which is amazing but it has no rotation nor scale (scale is not a must of course as you can still use width and height to get the same result. But there is still no rotation so you have to use individual Matrix or Rotation commands for all they draws that you do.

Mojo2 could use the ultraflexible DrawImageRect
Agreed, that should be implemented.
Here's the command:

Method DrawImageRect:Void( image:Image,x:Float,y:Float,sourceX:Int,sourceY:Int,sourceWidth:Int,sourceHeight:Int,rot:Float=0,scaleX:Float=1,scaleY:Float=1 )
  TranslateRotateScale x,y,rot,scaleX,scaleY
  DrawRect 0,0,image,sourceX,sourceY,sourceWidth,sourceHeight
Thanks Martin, Next release will have it included.
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