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Implemented Adding KEY_ALT to the Key Codes List


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Dec 22, 2019
As far as I can see there's no ALT key support. So I suggest to support it :)
Uploaded the enhancement to the GH repo.
Great! There's two more keys that we could add to Desktop platform that has perfect cross-platform coverage :

Const KEY_WIN Left=91 ' Windows key (Windows) / Command key (MacoS) / Super key (Linux)   
Const KEY_CAPS_LOCK=20 ' Caps lock (momentory)
These keys have specific windows functionality. What use would it be in a game? Windows key opens the start menu when you press it.
I'm not here to judge what keys to use in a game, I'm saying, they are standard everywhere and viable keys to be available for pressing.
I know that caps lock is being used by a friend of mine who got an old keyboard with a caps led
and they use it for a game that keeps track of the led being lit or not.

EDIT In my point of view it's all about the sizes and position of keys, some are located to be more comfortable.
Having more keys accessible from the start is a big advantage for some people. I'm working with disabilities a lot so I added them.
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