Awesome. I've been away from Cerberus for a bit as I've been programming Amiga games in Blitz. That and my laptop died so using an old one at the mo. I'll be back though but will always write Amiga stuff too I reckon.
Just wondering, is there a market for Amiga games or is it just for nostalgic reasons? I can see it is still possible to buy the OS and the hardware. But the hardware is crazy expensive, a complete AmigaOne x5000 is $2000 o_O Is there any use case for this at all today or is it just to run legacy software?
Commodore computers were the starting point for so many of us, and like the fish we like to swim upstreams home ;)

Seriously I think that as soon as you will be able to create something for the current markets out there (and don't forget that which includes Web as you can pack web technologies into stores already) and there might pop up development chains to do things directly Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Pi and Linux, who knows.

The Amiga community is really huge around the globe and it does not seem to die at all, young ppl also realises the valuable qualities it has.

Just enjoy the nostalgia right now, soon enough it will probably become something way more useful!
Personally I often use Cerberus-X for Nostalgia reasons too because I can use it on the hardware I bring with me.

I made a bootable Cerberus-X Linux stick (which works both in PC and Intel-mac's) and that behaves very retro like Amiga boot disk and wow it satisfies my Amiga C64 desires for a while.. (y):cool:
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I have had much fun releasing Amiga games. There are still lots of classic users out there and very passionate about it.

I have released some games written in Cerberus for Android but have definitely had more users playing my Amiga games so far.

I'll continue to do both though! As my laptop died I've had to code on an old laptop recently so it's been mainly Amiga. I've even started to port one game to Stos for the Atari ST for the hell of it!

But I'll be back.
I still remember playing a load of M a r k S i b l y ' s zombie shooting game that was one of the demos!

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