Android debugging dangers?


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Jan 2, 2020
Does anyone know what damage an Android can do to a macos/windows/linux machine if it has some kind of bad software, whatever that could be I do not know, but let's say it has something? I have a used phone that is rooted and has a lot of stuff on it and it's hard to reinstall so I just cleaned it enough and I kind of like it now. It's fast cheap (used) and all that.

But I'm worried to connect it directly to the computer still, becuase of the potential damage It might do. Can it access the computers internet and go cross the web?

I've solved this situation for now by working on the computer mostly and test on Android using apk on a stick. (It was hard in the beginning when I needed to try a lot of things on the specific Android device but now the skeleton of the code is made so I don't have to try it that often luckily. Still, if I knew that I could safely connect it in debug mode would sure help a lot.

I'm thinking of connecting it to my linux but i havn't got to install Android Studio on it yet. I want to look in the log it creates when compiling. I think I can see all of it inside Cerberus log so that would make it easy to trace bad activities, right? Maybe it will be too late at that point I guess so that's why I'm going for an OS I can easily re-install.

What are your thoughts about rootet used Android devices that you have no control over? (I don't use it as a phone btw, only media player and Cerberus test-machine via stick)
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