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Any Xcode pro here?


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Jan 2, 2020
The update of new Xcode was so slow so I decided to download it from their Apple's development website as an xIf file instead.
Bad idea.. After replacing xcode in applications with the unpacked xif file and after deleting the appropriate preference file in library/.. it does not open.

So of course I decided to do the proper thing and put it overnight to update, and now after 20h 8Gb was downloaded.
But it is still the same? Is there any solution for this? Do I really have to reinstall macOS? Everything else is updated btw and in good order.

Xcode *does* start but this menu is all that it shows (look at the bottom). There's no Main windows available?

Solved it!

If anyone is having the same problem at some point just open the terminal and write into it :
defaults delete com.apple.dt.Xcode

That will fix it.
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