App build crashes using brl.admob?


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Sep 25, 2018
Hi there, I recently updated CX to version 2022_3_26 to do some much needed app updates I've been putting off.

I have updated everything necessary to rebuild my apps - So no probs there as long as I don't build with brl.admob imported.

However, apps that have ads while importing brl.admob crash immediately when they run. If I disable/comment out brl.admob and all references to it in my code, the apps build, export and run just fine. I also added the required ADS_APPID. Am I missing something?
I read in VERSION.txt
- Because of changes in the Google admob SDK, new apps using brl.admob in iOS can not be submitted atm.

What is your target? If android, you could open your build java from Android studio and try compile from there and see what the error
@MikeHart Thanks, that's useful to know. No, I do not need the example code - Been there done that over and over. What newer version should I use for Android builds? I may do away with admob altogether. It's becoming more and more of a pain over the years.
So.. version 2022_03_26 is better for Windows/Linux targets not Android? I guess what I'm asking is there a newer version of CX than
2020-5-9b for compiling Android target using Admob module?
No. Admob should work on Android. But I have tested it last year when I changed it. So as you didn’t Test the example with the new version, I will have to do it again sometime.
I have 2021-07-25 and admob *is* working fine on Android.
I just saw that Google made further changes to admob and fixed a crash for Android S that needs to be implemented and so on. Talking about a running target and keeping the implemention for Cx on par. Hate it :sick:

@SLotman Are you talking about existing apps on the store of yours or recent published updates/new releases?
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