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Atom to Visual Studio Code


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Jan 2, 2020
Visual Studio Code is such a great editor and I want it to be my main and only editor but one small detail keeps me from going there.
It just happen to so that I love the inbuilt colour scheme that Atom uses for HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I guess I'm just too lazy to remake the colour scheme but I have tried my best trying to find it online but I couldn't find anything that felt close enough.
Any ideas how to solve this?
Are you talking only about the colour codes (rgb values) or about how to implement that in VSC?
Maybe you can post a screenshot of what you are after. I had the impression that Atom themes are on this extensions page??
Sure. I'm talking about the default colouring that happens when you save a file in Atom as .html .css and .js. They all have the same suit of colours. Check our this one :

Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 00.53.33.png
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I don't get it, sorry. This screenshot is just vs code after installing Atom One Dark Theme
Maybe you could post the code example to do a side by side comparison!?

My god ya look at that! Okay now I finally get it. This was such a nice thing to learn!

Thanks alot, this old man needed a push in the right direction :cool:

Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 13.54.08.png
Still not the exact same but.. close enough
Yes Atom One Dark is the one. I did a few tests with .html and .css too and so far those are 100% compatible. JavaScript I notice has a few differences but it's good enough for me to throw away Atom which makes me and my crowded computer happy.

Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 17.52.06.png
The plan is now to get to know VS Code well enough and build a slim IDE plugin for CX, eventually.

I wanted to focus on *one* IDE (there's too many of them today) and everyone here seem to love this one over Atom so I thought I'd give it a chance.
To give you a head start, @adamredwoods had started one and posted about it on this forum.
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