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Oct 22, 2021
Has anybody had some experience with B4X and have comments on how they think it compares to Cerberus X ?

Well I just thought I'd do a quick check out of the one passing it's self off as being for Desktop Applications.
When I want a "Standalone" application. I wouldn't want the end result to be a jar file, but an actual native executable.
And from what I can tell the android version compiles to .dex files and packages them into a apk. If you want to know about .dex then research the difference between JVM and DVM.

Long ago, when Cerberus was called Monkey and then Moneky X. I did make changes to the code so that it was possible to cross-compile between Linux and Windows. Apple would and still would be out of doing this due to Apple's licencing of their SDK and tools. But because the original author had no experience of doing any cross-compilation, it was never implemented. Besides, if anyone wants to target a certain device, then it's best to use the recommended tools for that device, and in the case of Apple's mobile hardware; that means using an iMac with XCode.
I use it as my second tool together with Cerberus-X. I must start with saying that I prefer to use Cerberus for everything except for some Android projects and this is where B4A (the Android flavor of B4X) comes in.

B4A can compile to both APK and a newer format called aab. I have not used it yet so don't ask me too much about technical details. The tool itself is very up to date when it comes to standards and API's etc so it's a nice alternative if you need new Android features.

But I only consider it as a good option for Cerberus-X when it comes to Android, I always prefer CX otherwise.
I do games mostly, and If you also are gonna do mostly games then you need to check out the libGDX library-addon for B4A. It's not very usable for games without using it.

One of my current projects makes it very hard to decide what to use.. Android or Cerberus-X; i have nice code in both and both have their pluses and minues. I wish I could mix them it would make an unbeatable tool. You would have the gamemaker that you wished you had in the 80s PLUS the professional features you need as a programmer today.
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Cerberus-X outputs best results than any game maker out there on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and HTML5 all works amazingly well.

It has setbacks when it comes to feature and graphical performance when compiling for Android. Some of these setbacks are negligable but when they are in your way, they are really in your way. That is why I use B4A sometimes.
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