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Jan 2, 2020
As I've now recovered almost fully from my surgery and I got myself a new Android device to develop on after my old one died. I'm actually amazed how fluid and nice mid-range Android devices behaves now. As good or even better than iPhone (I probably say that because the Android runs 120 fps and looks more like a CRT than a LCD when it comes to animation. Love it. It was the cheapest option I had so I was not expecting this.

All this got me hopeful about my project but I'm a bit cautious as I don't have a slow phone to try things on anymore but I did quiet a lot of testing before it died meaning I've built up a pretty good knowledge base on what kind of code that runs weak and what does not.

I will continue the development and If I have to say, It will be around 50 hours of work to get v1.0 up and running. But with that I mean 50 PRODUCTIVE hours of course. I'm so immensely tired still so not sure it will be as easy as it sounds.

The project is a vector animation editor of some sorts. I won't try to explain it too detailed as it easier to show in pictures later.
I have ideas of doing something to show that workflow but I don't wanna promise anything.

But this got me fired up! Got the latest Cerberus-X compiled up and ready! (y)
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