Canvas matrix vs Splatting


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Jan 2, 2020
So I'm trying to decide one last time what to use to get the lower resolution I want.
I mean what are the ups and downs of using a canvas with matrix, versus just splatting a scaled-up image?

I might want multiplayer mode but both can handle that and I'm not sure that matrix scaling is cheaper on hardware at all
as both experiments that I did were fluid. I've also tried picture-in-picture with both, they work great. Is there something that's worth thinking about? The one thing that comes to my mind is the fact that I've seen the matrix technique scales terrible on some devices and you can't decide on the hardware scaling method so you have to rely on whatever the GPU does.

iWhat matrix did on those times are hard to describe, but you could see a few sharp edges in the middle of the screen, despite that the resolution was an integer ratio and should work (and did on other devices).

Because of this I now lean towards splatting an image instead of using a matrix. Is this something that anyone else have been thinking about? I would love to hear about your experience anyways, it's kind of a big deal actually.
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