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Jan 2, 2020
I've been developing Android for a bit now using Libggdx and other graphical platforms and I must admit, Cerberus-X is actually one f the best ones in touch repsones, libdx beats everything else but Cerberus-X is like 5% better than Libgdx on android. So actually there is some things that are amazing even with the Android implementation. It just have some issues with graphics compare to libgdx.

I feel that I would like to dive into the impelmenation of Ceberus-X android and take a few drops from libgdx.. and that would make it the best tool on the market. At least for 2d games that has high demand ingraphics power which is my area.

Would it later be okay to do some expeirments with a Cebrerus-X fork?
You can fork CX as much as you want. The license allows it.

Edit: I have edit the title regarding its typos. Hope that was ok.
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