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Jan 2, 2020
I must say the progress with Cerberus so far this year has been amazing! There have been many new features, bug-fixes and touch-ups! The codebase has really been getting an amazing boost, more than ever and I'm happy for that, it's an amazing language!

Expecting now to release my first Android app in Cerberus within a couple of months, hopefully sooner, I might not be able to enter the game competition because of it but never say never..

Btw A post in this forum got me interested in Chrome OS, which of course is this weird looking system that you never know if it will succeed or become a failure.. What made me finally to sign up to become a Chrome OS-developer this week was an article on low-level USB-access that's coming up from W3C. Bluetooth etc is covered too, it's an interesting list of features but none of these API's are available to ordinary webpages, it's Chrome OS-only for now. But seeing where this is going, this all made things a bit more clear to me, it's serious stuff.

So now I have a side-project where I'm trying to develop a Chrome OS target for Cerberus it might take some time of course but it seems like Chrome OS is here to stay and is interesting enough. Also, developing chrome-extensions is not very different from making Chrome-apps. So it kind of pays off in two ways.

Anyways, gotta code!
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