Cerberus-x on NomadBSD?


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Jan 2, 2020
I'm experimenting with a lot of OperatingSystems right now and got some bad and good results.
Found some tricks to get Cerberus-X to run smoothly on some systems.

But I was wondering if anyone here tried to run Cerberus-X on NomadBSD with the Linux packages installed?

Any kind of clues would be greatly appriciated!
i Will probaby use my favorite Linux for Cerberus-X for now but I want to try to run Cerberus-X on Raspberry Pi.

NomadBSD boots from Raspberry Pi3/3A+/3B+ from USB (not 4/400 yet) if you set a parameter. It also fully supports Linux through packages. Sadly it lacks in one thing; bad Wifi support out of the box.

But NomadBSD and potentially Raspberry Pi OS 5 might be candidates to run Cerberus-X on Pi.
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