Cerberus X - Tutorial about How to Create a Double Dragon Styled Fighting Game (for Beginners)


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Jan 8, 2019
Hello everyone,

I created a tutorial about how to create a Double Dragon styled fighting game. I made this tutorial specifically to get beginners started in making games or just get beginners started in programming in general. I did this tutorial from a beginner's perspective. I tried to do what Andy McAdams did when he made a Space Invaders tutorial back during the Blitz Basic days. Thus, I am just doing the same thing with this tutorial but with a fighting game. The tutorial is split up into two versions. There is:

The whole video:

Cerberus X - Full Video Tutorial

Or I split the video up into sections. This is starting with the History section:

History and Setup

And this is Vortex and how to set up 3D:

Cerberus X 3D with "Vortex"

I hope this helps someone!


Jun 19, 2017
Awesome! Thank you. But I will move this into the tutorial section.
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