Cerberus X v2021-05-16 released


Jun 19, 2017
Hi folks,

I have uploaded version v2021-05-16 to itch.io.

Sadly the imgui module didn't make it for various reasons. but anyway, here are the changes of this version:

FIX: [brl.requesters] Fixed compiling error on Linux.    (Author: MikeHart)
FIX: [brl.filesystem] Fixed CreateDir not being able to use cerberus://internal file paths.    (Author: MikeHart)
FIX: [docs] Corrected Latest new stuff section on the homepage.   (Author: MikeHart)
FIX: [docs/mojo.app] Typo correction.    (Author: Phil7)
FIX: [mojo2] Fixed Canvas.ReadPixels only reading the last framebuffer it was rendered to.    (Author: MikeHart)
FIX: [mojo/mojo2] Fixed Font.TextHeight returning the values without Glyph.yoffset.    (Author: MikeHart)
FIX: [mojo] Fixed mojo.colornames throwing a "blocks nested to deeply" error on MSVC.    (Author: MikeHart)
FIX: [html5] "Clear console" Button was still visible when Console was hidden.    (Author: MikeHart)
MOD: [mojo/mojo2] Changed DrawText to use TextHeight("") when being y-aligned.    (Author: MikeHart)
MOD: [GLFW/MSVC] Upgraded the solution to use MSVC 2019 and SDK 10.x.    (Author: MikeHart)
MOD: [agk/buildtarget] Added fixes for TGCs Android template.    (Author: MikeHart)
MOD: [CURL] Only copy Windows DLLs to the exe, when the brl.httprequest module is imported.    (Author: MikeHart)
MOD: [CURL] Updated to version 7.75.    (Author: MikeHart)
NEW: [mojo.input] Added KEY_ALT to the usable key codes.   (Author: MikeHart)
NEW: [TRANSCC] Added #GLFW_GCC_SRC_OPTS to compile more source files.   (Author: MikeHart)
NEW: [TRANSCC] Added #GLFW_GCC_VPATH_OPTS to add more paths to source files.   (Author: MikeHart)
NEW: [TRANSCC/Android] Added bundleRelease to create Android app bundle.   (Author: MikeHart)
NEW: [TRANSCC/GLFW] Copy dlls into the build folder (Takes care of the OpenAl dlls).   (Author: MikeHart)
NEW: [mojo/Android] Added new soundpool constructor to replace the depreciated one.   (Author: MikeHart)
NEW: [HTML5] Added #HTML5_CANVAS_ALPHA to enable the canvas' background alpha channel.   (Author: Holzchopf)
NEW: [GLFW/MSVC] Added the ability to create 32 and 64bit apps via #GLFW_GCC_MSIZE_WINNT and MSVC. Will create a new app config setting to cover GCC and MSVC later on.   (Author: MikeHart)
NEW: [brl.ini] Added a new Ini handler module, based on Martin Leidel's initial work.   (Martin, MikeHart)

If you find a bug, don't keep it and let us know.

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Jul 6, 2017
BTW what does "Copy dlls into the build folder (Takes care of the OpenAl dlls)" mean? Until now I silently installed OpenAL on my app users' machines during the app install will there be no need for it?
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