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Fixed Changing builder.ps1 to menu as default breaks deploy option.


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Jun 21, 2017
On Git the hub development branch. An alteration to the WinNT builder script's default parameters to menu option to show on start up breaks the option to do automated and deploy.
@dawlane Ok. I was not aware of that. Sorry! Is there a way of safely setting showmenu to true as default?
Sorry! Is there a way of safely setting showmenu to true as default?
Not without making changes to both how the menu is triggered and the command line that's triggered to re-run the script after the git archive is copied. And as both the power shell version and bash version are meant to work near enough with similar options, it would have to be done twice and all the build documentation updated.

The scripts were written to work the same as the old rebuild all version: Install the compiler and Qt SDK, then just type .\builder.ps1 or ./builder.sh and let it run. The menu is there to give the option to select the tool to build once any changes where made to those tools, speeds up development when you have Visual Studio Code installed and a shell terminal running. At some point I'll add an extra command line option to select the tool to build. Then at some point, the IDE can call the script to build the tools directly.
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Ok, I reverted it. Thanks @dawlane!
Thank you.
There is a pull request where I've now added a command line option to build tools by name, with the option to build either transcc from the C++ sources, or the Cerberus transcc source file. See the documentation in the src/docs directory for the tool options.
@dawlane I like that option to build transcc from cerberus code directly. It doesn't change the C++ source used for the other option, right?
It doesn't change the C++ source used for the other option, right?
Correct. The C++ source code is never touched, so if the transcc sources get broken there is a way to get a working transcc to fix it.
Currently the C++ files generated from building transcc.cxs are cleaned up. I'll probably do changes to the scripts where it does a time/date back up of the previously generated C++ files, and add a submenu/option to select and restore from any previous C++ files that have been saved.
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