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Jan 2, 2020
If there's anyone here that wanna dig into creating some Chrome apps I found this, I'm not sure but it seems interesting :

Creating a google chrome app

1- Create file: "manifest.json" in your html5 build folder.
2- Paste the following code in the file you just created:
  // Required
  "name": "Name of your game",
  "version": "Your game version",

  // Recommended
  "description": "This will show up in the extension control panel",
  "icons": {
    "128": "icon_128.png", // the game icon
    "16": "icon_16.png"    // the html page favicon

  // Required
  "app": {
    "launch": {
      "local_path": "CerberusGame.html"

  // Add any of these that you need
  "update_url": "http://path/to/updateInfo.xml",
  "content_security_policy": "default-src 'self' ",
  "incognito": "spanning",
  "offline_enabled": true,
  "permissions": ["cookies"]   // required for saving and loading state
For more info about how to modify this file visit:

3- In Google Chrome address bar, Goto "chrome://extensions/"
4- Click on the sign button next to "Developer mode" to expand it.
5- three buttons will show up, click on "Load Unpacked Extension"
6- choose your html5 build file

Your app icon will show up in the app page. Modify it to your satisfaction. Any changes you make in your build folder will be updated automatically.

If you want to send the app to someone, pack your extension by clicking on the "Pack Extension" button in the extension page. this will create a .crx file that can be dragged into google chrome and installed. the other file ".pem" contains your app key. If you lose it, the next time you make an update, it will be treated as a new app and will be installed next to the old one.

If you want to publish the app to chrome web store. Goto this link:
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