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Jul 5, 2017
Hi all,

I am just wondering what if we create a demo webpage/app for supported platforms to demo CX features? We could publish it in Android/Apple/Steam stores (or download links), so people can actually see it in action. It can also serve as a universal unit-test for the future CX releases.

intro ( cx logo + large name + one liner description)
platforms (icons of supported platforms + admobs/iap features)
native performance/simple language/write once - run anywhere/other features (CX's USP)
Animation in action (Spine??)
Network features
2d effects (Timelinefx demo?)
Frameworks (ingitionx/diddy/phantom)
Box2d demo
Simple tweening demo
Fonts (jungle font module) maybe

CX is a great product but I am afraid there is not enough eye candy out there and simple intro messages to get people interested if you know what I mean...

That could be super cool as a demo and as a bunch of examples too :)

Whadday think?



Jun 19, 2017
That is a great idea. But it needs to look/feel great and show off. Or it will have the opposite effect.
I could provide artwork if needed. 2D and 3D!
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