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May 3, 2020

Personally I find it a bit difficult to follow what is happening with the development of Cerberus as the information is scattered around the forum and GitHub and I guess lot of WIP staff is not even talked about, shared anywhere not even on GitHub.

So, I would like to suggest to the devs to create a Development blog where you can post all the updates you have and progress and things that are currently in development. I know, you guys are busy and there is no time. So I am not talking about any poems with lots of fancy screenshots and wording, but at least some short Tweets what you have done now, what are you looking to do in the coming days weeks, months and so on.

Few minutes of your time once in a while, that's all I am asking for.
Even if all you have to say is "I be busy with real life staff for the next 2 months, expect no update..." is something.

For example I would love to hear about the 3D module, UI module, Sokol/Mojo3.... I know it is WIP and that you guys are really busy but other than that there is no info ...

So you mean not to post in the forum itself but a different functionality, aka a blog?
The forum is fine I guess, but it would be nice to see more frequent posts, progress reports. Not only when something is done and you share a new version to try but also when you have reached a mile stone or even if you just take a break, keep us updated what is happening what is your plan. Also if you have any interesting experience, WTF or AHA moments.

If you would consider to do this then I would think a dedicated Devblog/News page would be more attractive, but the forum could also work.
I can relate to your request absolutely. Right now it sounds nothing much is happening which basically is true. Real life commitments totally took over. But that doesn't mean we won't work further on CX. But yes, a dedicated website were this stuff is posted might be better, also visually more attractive.
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