DrawLine without antialiasing HTML5


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Jan 21, 2023
Is it possible to draw a line without antialiasing using the mojo module? I want to make a grid with one-pixel lines, but when I draw a line it occupies 2 pixels and is transparent (filtered).
Did you use #MOJO_IMAGE_FILTERING_ENABLED=False ? This should work on all targets except html5 in the current version. I did a fix for it but it hasn't been released yet.
Here is the related forum thread.
You can try the fix by replacing the file mentioned in the link above. It would be great if you could verify that it is working and it is what you were asking for.
Ops, it doesn't seem to work...


Thanks for testing! I will have a look this evening or by tomorrow at the latest.
There is a short hand solution. You could use DrawRect() with a hight/width of 1 instead of DrawLine(). I think I read something about a general Issue with drawing lines in the browser where you have to fiddle with exact floating point position values to get crisp lines and adding to that the thickness of a line is not working with scaling but with rectangles it is.
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