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Jul 13, 2017
woohoo my first real project! i chose a basic editor just for learning purposes, so i can use everything ive learned so far, and it could help me with easy layout creation in the furture.
a couple of weeks of work and i learned quite a lot on this project and still learning. there is a lot broken at the moment but it works
all editor ui art is original.

issues at the moment are:
if you enter more frames than sheet has it crashes...dont know how to handle that.
occasional stutter when navigating around the map

features to implement:
resize layout
resize cell size/image size
tile flip and rotate not yet implemented
folder import not implemented yet
separate object import not implemented

what does work:
navigate w,a,s,d
add layer ( up to 5 layers )
clear all layers
eraser layer specific
grid on/off
bg on/off
write layers to file

layer buttons:
clear layer
hide layer


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