fantomCX- A game framework for Cerberus X (mojo2)

Hi. mike.. is their a forum dedicated only for your Fantom Framework or some branch that i can ask questions their?
I need more examples.. and so on..

while im here .. ill ask something..

How do I Delete and object?

Im kinda building my own framework on to of your framework.., or at least trying
If you want a dedicated forum, then only the discussion board on its Github repository.

ftObject.Remove:Void( directFlag:Bool=False )

is what you are looking for.

But as I said, you can post here. Please use a prefix in the post title like fantomCX so I can easily spot it.
Adding to this, I visit here daily, in Github not so often.
Ok Next time I will add this prefix. (I think I understand what prefix is..)

yea thats what i was looking for.. and ive found it on one of your examples eventually ;)
You know what, I will create sub forums for module that have more than 1 post. Hope that helps.
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