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Jun 19, 2017
Tuesday was my last active day at PeopleFun / Applovin working on their games. The first 10 months at Applovin were awesome. Real game dev, that is what I liked at lot. The remaining time in the 2 yrs I got moved to PF. Working mostly on implementing SDK updates, which was boring to the core for me. But what I have learned is that Monkey X / Cerberus X is quite superior to the likes of Unity and Cocos2D when it comes to setting it up, support changes to SDKs, build time, etc etc.

Anyway, I am happy now that my contract ran out and I have my free time back (after hours when my day job is done).
Yes noting compare to the simplicity and speed of Cerberus X, Personally I also love Ted, very convenient to navigate and work with.
Did all the games on their website was made with Cerberus X?
sorry can’t mention details. But you can imagine it from my initial post. I was working with several dev tools.
Some are made with Unity. And oh boy... diving into that I won't ever complain about 2 minute build times with Cerberus again. First build for Android using Unity was 40 minutes. :D

It was a great time with you there Michael! And I liked your farewell post there.
I don't think I'm going to touch Unity ever again. The other day just wanted to try something and it took it 15 minutes to create the new project and the bloated UI was make me run in circles and spend an hour with something I could have done in 1 minute in any other engine. Horrible experience.
Yeah it depends. If you're coming from a pure coding perspective (like most of us I guess) this is really a different beast. If you're get used to it, it can be quite great in getting pretty quick results.

And for 3d cross platform stuff there is just little competition I think.
All tools have their ups and downs. I tried Godot 4.1 recently. Cause the hype must be justified, or? Right? This was my 3rd time trying. Tried 3.6, 4.0 and now 4.1.
I followed exact the steps in that YT tutorial, but at one point it bugged out. By copying a few nodes from one scene to the other. After modifying the one node (tile map) in the second scene, the original node lost its content and some settings couldn’t be set anymore. Clear sign for me. Tile maps and Godot are not for me. Stay away I told myself. 🤪
@ddabrahim Did you got that interview invitation from the GD guys as well? Wonder why their think I use GD professionally?
I followed exact the steps in that YT tutorial, but at one point it bugged out.
Yes from my experience Godot unfortunately is not very reliable especially if you want to target mobile.

In my opinion the tool and editor is great but the engine under the hood is not so great. I have also tried couple days ago 4.0 3D engine and I was getting weird rendering glitches with 3D sprites.
Did you got that interview invitation from the GD guys as well?
No I did not. I have received an email to apply. I did email them but I don’t qualify. They looking for industry professionals with a track record of delivering commercial projects.

If you were public about it you are a professional, it is possible you are on their list of contacts. Florian told me once, they are monitoring the community and have their list of people they follow. Maybe you are one of them.
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