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Jun 19, 2017
Hi folks,

because of some recent postings, I think some simple guide lines and thoughts about this place and our efforts should be mentioned. I know 99.5% of you guys are awesome and appreciate what we do.

For the others... when you post, please keep this in mind!

  1. Stay civil in your post, attack no one and be constructive.
  2. If you want to troll, please leave and do it somewhere else. Besides banning, we have other tools to make your stay here, let's say, a little more difficult.
  3. We do this basically for free. Yes, we appreciate and cherish our supporters. You help paying the hostage fees for this nice place. Thank you again big time! We love you guys!
  4. Martin and I set up this place for the remains of the Monkey user base and we want to support you. Certainly discouraging posts and attacks won't help our motivation.
  5. Keep politics and religion out of this forum.
  6. Don't advertise your own community. Instant banning you will get.
  7. Don't sign up with multiple accounts and nicknames.
Thanks for reading and happy CX coding!
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