Forum reinstallation


Jun 19, 2017
Hi folks,

as I got more emails from my ISP last night about writing activities in the forum structure, I have reinstalled the forum and imported the database.
I mean the folders my ISP has reported are kind of normal to write to when the forum runs periodic file health checks. But it was never reported before.
So I was concerned that someone planted malware there.

I will see tomorrow, if I get more reports. If that is the case, then I will switch to a different forum software. I just did a reinstall, but the importer asked about one directory where my ISP always was reporting on. So IF there is something malicious, it could have been imported over. I don't know. :unsure: I have to spend way to much time on this for my liking.

Sadly, some stuff is lost. Currently Syntax highlighting for Cerberus X scripts, the portal and media manager entries.

Btw. because of the upcoming GDPR law implementations, I have disabled media embedding in your posts.
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