Hey look who appears in #59!

Cool. Interesting how a lot of engines/frameworks got more stars lately. Would love to see a shorter timeframe. Like the last 7 days or so.
Good stuff, well earned too!
Interesting. Nice to see Cerberus appear on the list.

Wondering why GDevelop and CocosCreator is in the negative. Is it comparing the number of starts to the previous month so these 2 received less stars this month?

I have also noticed Esenthel rebranded it self to Titan and went fully open-source. It was an interesting engine I have tried once I really liked the visuals but $200 was too much for me to pay at the time, I think it was just a few days trial I had.

I am surprised Stride is getting so much popularity now. I did follow this engine, it is an interesting project but didn't see a lot of development happening. Wondering if it is because of what is happening around Unity in the recent days and that is why people looking at it. First impression is good, nice tool but pretty dead or was dead last time I checked.

Godot is killing it and promise safe refuge to Unity developers with C# and mobile support, no wonder it is on the top right now.
Yes it is the trend over the last 28 days.
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