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HOW TO: Build iOS target

Did anyone fix the issues with the simulator starting with MonkeyX/Cerberus? I did know that Mark had to do some ugly hacks to get the thing to work every time Apple released a new version of Xcode.

Try and open the xcode project file in xcode and compile it.
Nope. Not that i know off.
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Just examined the git repository. No major changes and I found an archive file that I though I have lost where I was figuring out an elegant way of getting round that sort of issue with the simulator as well as a few other things.

Note that this was a little pet project of mine to fix some of the most annoying issues of MonkeyX and has some heavy modifications for cross compiling GLFW in there.

The whole idea with iOS was to query a number of other tools to get information out of them. As I can no longer update the Mac to the latest version of OS X, it's become a bit of a dead duck.
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