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Showcase HTML5 game: Order the Chaos


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Feb 19, 2018
Hello everyone! My old BlitzMax game Order the Chaos is now published as some kind of lite version of the original as HTML5 game.

otc-online.png The resolution of the game is 648 x 720 pixels.

There are two pieces of music in the game: In-game music and ending music.

Direct link to game.

I hope it works well.
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Nice looking game. Thank you for posting.

2 things i noticed.
1) The swapping of the tiles is very slow.
2) The ingame music doesn't play at first.
Perhaps I should make the tiles go faster, 2x faster may be sufficient. When I made a video of the game while playing on browser, the tiles where moving about half the speed compared to "normal" playing.

The Julia set pictures are made in Python program using Mayavi extension in order to achieve 3D fractals.
I have updated the game so that the tiles swapping is at 2x speed.

I noticed, that on my other PC the in-game music doesn't play at first. On my other PC it always started playing. I've used PlayMusic(https://...) to play the music.
To play music safely on browsers these days, you need to have some kind of interaction at first before you load/play the music file.
All browsers will be affected soon.
Try switching a tile, then loose the focus by switching to the file explorer for an example and then go back to your game. The music should play then.
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