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iCloud module for iOS


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Sep 12, 2017
It would be sweet to read data into Apps via iCloud and other filesystem commands restricted to glfw and windows desktop etc to make it easier to access external files on iphones.

Currently a user cant open a file on an iphone yes ? I really want this so I can make text editors, assemblers etc.
Yes you can read from the data folder and read/write to the internal and external storage of mobile devices.
Ios 11 has a new ‘file manager class’ so a file system module like the desktop targets , this should mean access to the photos and other locations outside of the data folder at run time including icloud access, The documentarion is here:

This now opens the new possiblity to add ios to ‘brl.filesystem’ module fully complete with read directories, create files, read and write access of files just like a desktop pc.

I want to have a go at adding iOS to module: brl.filesystem , ios is currently unsupported for ios ? but im still only on my second Cerberus App, anyone with experience in modules interested in grabbing this additional feature to iOS target ?
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