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Jul 3, 2017
So, I had this working for MiniB3d / BlitzMax - and now I kind of ported it to MiniB3d / Monkey-X / Cerberus-X.

Why "kind of", you ask? Because I had this integrated into myown version of miniB3D. This code, you'll have to import "TPlane" yourself, and also call TPlane.UpdatePlanes(camera) before RenderWorld.

I'm not entirely sure this is 100% correct either, but from my initial tests, it is. I didn't try "CopyEntity" to see if it's working well enough, or not.
This should behave more or less like CreatePlane from Blitz3D, you just call TPlane.CreatePlane()

Worst case scenario, this can be used for a proper implementation ^_^

Import minib3d.minib3d

Class TPlane Extends TMesh
    Global plane_list:List<TPlane>=New List<TPlane>
    Field range:Float
    Field mesh:TMesh
    Field sub_divs:Int
    Field origU:Float[8], origV:Float[8]
    Field CamX:Float, CamZ:Float
    Method FreeEntity()  
    End Method

    Method  CopyEntity:TEntity(parent_ent:TEntity=Null)
    Local p:TPlane = New TPlane
       p.mesh = TMesh(mesh.CopyEntity(parent_ent))
        p.range = range
        p.sub_divs = sub_divs
        Return TEntity(p.mesh)
    End Method
    Method Update()
        If (mesh) Then
            For Local surf:TSurface = Eachin mesh.surf_list
                If (surf) Then
                    ' change texture coordinates
                    surf.VertexTexCoords(0,-range+CamX,  range+CamZ)
                    surf.VertexTexCoords(1, range+CamX,  range+CamZ)
                    surf.VertexTexCoords(2, range+CamX, -range+CamZ)
                    surf.VertexTexCoords(3,-range+CamX, -range+CamZ)
                End If
            ' re-position plane, on camera x/z position
            mesh.PositionEntity CamX,, CamZ, True
        End If
    End Method
    Function UpdatePlanes(cam:TCamera)
        If cam = Null Then Return
        Local r:Float = cam.range_far - cam.range_near
       Local x:Float = cam.EntityX(True)
       Local z:Float = cam.EntityZ(True)

        For Local p:TPlane = Eachin plane_list
            p.CamX = x
            p.CamZ = z
            If Abs(p.range-r)>0.0001 Then
                ' changed range, re-scale mesh
                For Local surf:TSurface = Eachin p.mesh.surf_list
                    If (surf) Then
                        ' change vertex positions
                        surf.VertexCoords(0, -r, 0,  r)
                        surf.VertexCoords(1,  r, 0,  r)
                        surf.VertexCoords(2,  r, 0, -r)
                        surf.VertexCoords(3, -r, 0, -r)
                        ' change texture coordinates
                        surf.VertexTexCoords(0,-r,  r)
                        surf.VertexTexCoords(1, r,  r)
                        surf.VertexTexCoords(2, r, -r)
                        surf.VertexTexCoords(3,-r, -r)
                        p.range = r
                    End If
            End If
    End Function
    Function CreatePlane:TMesh(sub_divs:Int=1, parent_ent:TEntity=Null)
        Local p:TPlane = New TPlane()
        p.mesh = TPlane.CreateMesh(parent_ent)  
        p.sub_divs = sub_divs
        Local surf:TSurface=p.mesh.CreateSurface()
        AddVertex surf, -p.range, 0,  p.range, -p.range,  p.range
        AddVertex surf, +p.range, 0,  p.range,  p.range,  p.range
        AddVertex surf, +p.range, 0, -p.range,  p.range, -p.range
        AddVertex surf, -p.range, 0, -p.range, -p.range, -p.range
        AddTriangle  surf, 0, 1, 2
        AddTriangle  surf, 0, 2, 3
        VertexNormal surf, 0, 0, 1, 0
        VertexNormal surf, 1, 0, 1, 0
        VertexNormal surf, 2, 0, 1, 0
        VertexNormal surf, 3, 0, 1, 0
        p.px = 0 = 0
        p.pz = 0


        Return p.mesh
    End Function

End Class
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